Mount Bromo Tour Package Cheaper

East Java travel agent that provides Mount Bromo Tour Package, with various facilities and rates that are suitable for your pocket. Besides being professional and experience in carrying a group or single traveler to explore the attractions in Bromo. You no longer need to bother taking care of everything yourself, we will make your tour enjoyable from start to finish.

The offered Mount Bromo Tour Package is very cheap and depends on the tourist destination you want. Some of the destinations of East Java tourism are usually not only to the Mount Bromo area, and usually, agents are also willing to accept several additional visiting places. But usually, the agent has provided a list of places that can be facilitated him. Among other things offer are Batu Malang Tourism, Surabaya, Ranu Kombolo, Ijen Banyuwangi Crater and climbing Semeru Mountain.
Types of Mount Bromo Tour Package include:

  1. Mount Bromo Tour Package for two days and one night. This main package is usually considered sufficient to enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Bromo. Start from pick up a third of the night, enjoying the sunrise to enjoying the hills of Teletubbies, Pasir berbisik, Bromo crater, adventures with jeeps, horseback riding to enjoy the sunset.
  2. Mount Bromo Tour Package midnight. This Mount Bromo Tour Package starts at midnight. Because the main key of the Mount Bromo Tour Package is to enjoy the sunrise. A sunrise that rises from Mount Bromo is considered a natural sight that is very charming and cant be felt from other places. After enjoying the sunrise, you will be brought to warm the body from the cold air of Bromo. After that, you will be taken to go around the tourist attractions around Mount Bromo using a group jeep. Start from looking at the green and beautiful grass savanna, enjoying the hills of Teletubbies, going around using jeeps in the vast whispering desert and forming the beauty of the wind that carries granules from the sand.
  3. Mount Bromo Tour Package Ijen crater. This Mount Bromo Tour Package is a new package that is directly demanded by many tourists because the crater on the top of Mount Ijen can be climb by tourists. The mountain has an altitude of 2,443 MDPL. From the top, their tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature by serving the largest acidic lake in the world. the natural phenomenon of the ijen crater is the blue fire around it.

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